Getting to Know Our Board - Miranda Imperi


Today we are highlighting Miranda Imperi who joined our board in 2021.

  • Nickname/story behind the nickname - My best friend calls me Panda. For several years, I changed my name on Facebook to an anagram of my real name and it displayed as Panda Rimreimi
  • Business - Marketing Juice
  • Hobbies - drawing & photography
  • Favorite movie/show - my favorite movie is The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou, my entire left arm is tattooed with scenes from the movie.
  • Fun fact / Secret talent - For a brief period in my early 20s I worked as a professional TV extra in Los Angeles
  • Why you joined DTCFP? - I view myself as a champion of small businesses and since I’m a resident in the Falls too I want to be involved in as many ways possible to help our local business community thrive.
  • Favorite aspect about DTCF/Cuyahoga Falls/our community? - I love the way our residents care about our community. It’s very heart warming to see how many people participate in volunteer activities and city business. It’s exciting to see how the city comes out to support each other and the local businesses in town.
  • Coffee/tea order - large flat white
  • Anything else you would like to share - I’m so grateful to be part of this organization and hope that my involvement and perspective make a positive impact on the growth of our downtown community.