Meet Splash, the DTCF Partnership Turtle

Jul 01, 2020

Hi There! I’m Splash, the new DTCF Partnership mascot!

I bet you're wondering – why a turtle?

Let me tell you: As a turtle, I’m symbolic of creativity, endurance, strength, persistence, and longevity. Turtles are easygoing, and can represent both slowing down or setting a steady pace. I also embody our Downtown riverfront and a healthy ecology in a turtley awesome way. I’m family-friendly, and a positive image that will be used to help promote our amazing Downtown community and all that’s new and exciting up and down Front Street.

You’ll see me around, shell-ebrating everything fun about DTCF! I’ll be featured in fun and educational ways that will help build awareness for all of the DTCF activities, shops, and services.  And I’m diverse – as both an illustrated character, and as a cool icon. So look for me in lots of imaginative places; from shopping totes to signage.

Am I excited? Shell yeah! Downtown Cuyahoga Falls is the place to be!