CF Postcard Project

April 18 to April 25 April 18, 1pm

Updates and Information

  • Step 1: Pick up a postcard at on of our designated locations: The Cuyahoga Valley Art Center, the Cuyahoga Falls Library, Metropolis Popcorn, the Quirk Cultural Center and the Social Department
  • Step 2: Draw your favorite memory on the back
  • Step 3: Return it to one of the locations or mail it to the pre-written address that is on the front of the card.
  • Step 4: Join us on Sat, April 18 at 1pm to celebrate and view the completed art project.

View our Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat @cfpostcard to be given updates and see how the project is going!

A note from Katy Spinner, a senior at CFHS who is leading this project:

What is Cuyahoga Falls Postcard Project?
This project was suggested to me by my high school art teacher and adviser Jennifer Schulman as a way to help me earn the highest award in Girl Scout, the Gold Award. With her help and the help of Abigail Poeske, the Executive Director of the Downtown of Cuyahoga Falls Partnership, and Danielle Dietrich, the Executive Director of Cuyahoga Valley Art Center, I have been able to start this project and get to where it is now. This project allows the whole community to share happy memories in a form of a postcard. The Cuyahoga Falls Postal Project is meant to inspire us to find our inner most treasured memory and to share it with others. Simply taking the time of just coming up with a happy memory can bring joy to one’s day, even if it is just for a second. It also is gives a reason to put electronic devices down to just be in one’s mind; to sort feelings and memories and to merely take time out of the day to exist. It is important for mental health to takes breaks throughout the stressful work day, so why not relax and put a treasured memory on a postcard to share with the city?​